We are three Macalester students who studied the economic development of Northeastern Minnesota’s Iron Range. Over the summer of 2016, we worked to identify alternative economic models implementable within, and beneficial to, this region. Our intent was to find ways this region could become more economically diverse, resilient, and less reliant on extractive industries. This research led us through a diversity of books, articles and websites concerned with Northeastern Minnesota and economic development, and nearly 20 hours worth of interviews with individuals living in and outside of the Iron Range. It took a fair amount of struggling, studying, and personally experiencing this region to establish the ways in which our work could be most useful to the communities of the Iron Range, but nevertheless, we believe this website contains that information.

This was an independent project completed through the Educating Sustainability Ambassadors program within the Institute for Global Citizenship at Macalester College.  We were hosted by Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, a Minneapolis and Duluth based organization who believes economically vibrant communities are critical to the long term preservation of wilderness.

Please direct any questions or comments to: macfellows@friends-bwca.org