FAK: Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky


The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky (FAK) acquires funds directly from community members by donation to develop Eastern Kentucky’s economy. This is accomplished through “charitable giving, community involvement and strategic partnerships; investing assets in our communities for a strong, healthy, and sustainable region” (www.appalachianky.org). FAK is a standout example of an alternative, commonly overlooked, form of community collaboration. Rather than relying on somewhat intangible networks and connections between community members, organizations, and employers (all of which are extremely important when attempting to develop a resilient and thriving economy), FAK believes it is crucial to consider the ways in which community members can both single-handedly and communally invest in the future of their town and its economy. FAK was developed to help gather funds for economic development projects within Kentucky by engaging with and reaching out to the very community members living there. Essentially, this organization aims to catalyze “community collaboration and charitable giving; to create permanent endowment funds as a sustaining resource to improve quality of life and place in Eastern Kentucky” (www.appalachianky.org).

FAK has invested more than $1,000,000 into over 80 organizations to facilitate progress in five areas: education, housing and family assets, culture and recreation, the environment, and health and well-being. These investments are all rooted in the community, support local-economies, and foster collaborative connection between individuals and businesses residing in Kentucky. This allows community members to directly benefit from and invest in the development of their economy, and creates funding opportunities for new businesses and entrepreneurs who will serve as employers within this region.

This organization is a successful example of cooperative community-based investment in new industry. This development helps create a resilient economy from the community and individual level. 

If this organization’s mission and ideas are of interest, look no further for their contact information:

|| appalachianky.org || info@appalachianky.org || 606-439-1357 ||

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